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Exhibition Hall of Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Terminal

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Scene of OCT Contemporary Art Terminal

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OCAT Library

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Main Exhibition Hall of OCAT

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Main Exhibition Hall of OCAT

About OCAT Shenzhen

OCAT Shenzhen was founded in 2005 and functions as the headquarters of the OCAT Museums. As the first art establishment among the OCAT museums, OCAT Shenzhen has a long-term commitment to the practice and research in the field of contemporary art and theory both inside of China and in the international arena.


The programs of OCAT focus on in-depth surveys, research, publication, and presentation of both individual artists and thematic group exhibitions. In addition to these activities produced under the title of OCAT Exhibitions, OCAT Residency Program, OCAT Performs and OCAT Screens are annual programs showcasing performance-based practices, accompanied by dialogues between art workers from different academic and cultural backgrounds, theoretical discussions on art, dance, and theater, as well as screenings of and lectures on documentaries, video art, and films. Using these activities as points of access, OCAT Public Program initiates lectures, conversations and other events at OCAT Shenzhen and publishes part of the content, such as documentations and reading materials for a wider public and researchers. At OCAT Shenzhen, publishing is both prompted by its exhibitions and an independent form of artistic and conceptual articulation and experimentation. The conception, editing, and design of its publications could be employed as a form of artistic practice in parallel to the exhibitions. Young practitioners as well as recent developments in progressive thinking and discovery in art are central to the programs of OCAT Shenzhen. OCAT Youth Project was launched to present the recent work, experience, thinking, and imagination of artists, curators, and critics.

Our Team

  • OCAT Academic Committee

    FENG Feng

    FEI Dawei

    HUANG Zhuan

    Karen Smith

    Marko Daniel

    PI Li

    SUI Jianguo

    WANG Guangyi

    WANG Jianwei

    WU Hung

    ZHANG Peili

  • OCAT Shenzhen Team

    Director: LUAN Qian

    Executive Director: HUANG Zhuan

    Deputy Director: ZHU Dan

    Art Director: Venus Lau

    Administration Department

    Exhibition Department

Contact Us

Address: F2 Building, Enping Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, 518053

Tel: +86755 26915007 / 26915100

Fax: 86-755-2691 5102




Weibo: @OCAT 深圳馆

WeChat ID:OCATShenzhen

Facebook: OCT Contemporary Art Terminal- OCAT Shenzhen

Instagram: ocatshenzhen